Restore Vigor and Reverse Effects of Aging

New from Dr Shinya, Enzyme Factor 2.
This is the book you have been asking for.

Dr. Shinya on the Power of Enzymes

Dr. Shinya describes why enzymes are good for you and how you can use your body's own enzymes to heal yourself and prevent disease.
The Rejuvenation Enzyme

Hiromi Shinya MD “made a quantum advance in abdominal surgery” with his co-invention of the colonoscopy according to the New York Times, and this, “prompted a radical shift in medical thinking.”

Dr. Shinya again changes our view of what is possible in his ground-breaking new book, The Rejuvenation Enzyme. Here Dr. Shinya turns his visionary genius to solving the problem of aging cells. His conclusions will amaze you with their simplicity and insight as he shows you how you can create your own rejuvenation plan using techniques such as the Little Fast, detox massage, coffee enema and Kangen Water.

In The Rejuvenation Enzyme you will learn: How  rejuvenation enzymes transform zombie cells into healthy cells. How you can restore energy by clearing “garbage” from your cells. Why purple food improves your memory. How drinking Kangen Water supports your health  and energy. Why turmeric may prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

paperback. 184 pgs.  $18.00

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